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Charlie Ewing

and Skimmerhorn Waltz

I spent my life growing up and working on the slopes of Skimmerhorn, a butte in the Porcupine Hills called after someone who passed through and left only his name. My songs were all created here in its shadow. It is ranch country so they are the children of the wind, the rain, the sun and the snow. They faintly smell of horses and branding smoke and leather and wet dogs and cured grass on a rainy day. They tell of people who lived and worked and loved and died within the spirit of this hill, and they ring of the music of wooden instruments and hoofbeats and meadowlarks and snow crunching beneath cold feet. They sing of life lived in the rhythm of the seasons… under the spell of the hills.

Since the age of 10, I have listened to the songs of Ian Tyson. Even on his early records there was always a cowboy song that caught my ear and made me want to play guitar and sing, and later write songs. I still listen to his music on a regular basis so I felt compelled to include a cover of one of his songs. Thanks Ian, for hundreds of hours of listening enjoyment.


I would also like to thank Ben Crane and all of the other incredibly gifted musicians listed in the credits who lent their astonishing talents to dress up these songs in their town clothes. Ben, you are truly amazing! Thanks to Sharmon for the great food and hospitality extended to me while recording at Jinglebob Studio. Thanks also to my wife Sherry and my family for their never-ending love, support and encouragement for my craft and to my sister Nina who created the artwork used here. The cover painting was adapted from a photograph by Donna Smith. The photo to the left on the CD cover was taken by Buddy Gale.


May 8, 2020, Cobourg, Ontario - A concert with BJ Smith as part of the Northumberland Learning Connection presentation of “Alberta the Maverick Province” 


August 15, 2020 - Bar U Ranch concert as part of “25 years as a part of Parks Canada” celebration


September 5, 2020, Barrier, BC - Cattlemen's Convention concert - more info to come



... additional dates coming soon

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